Through your generosity and support, The Bush School will carry on Ian's vision to build bridges, generate big ideas, and share the beauty and wonder of the places and people of the Methow Valley.




Your donation will fund programming that allows participants to carry forth Ian's vision and infectious enthusiasm for teaching, the community and the great outdoors.  Please select “Endowment - Ian Fair Memorial Fund” from the drop-down menu.

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keep the party going

Music is always playing in Ian's house, and more often then not it's reggae.  If you have a song that reminds you of Ian, pass the gift on by submitting your songs to one of many playlists.  Instructions are on the page drop down on the upper left. (Thanks Andy!)

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get the gear

For every Fair Fest LastBag sold, eqpd donates 100% of the retail profit to the Ian Fair Memorial Fund for the Methow Campus.  In turn, by using your Fair Fest LastBag, you are helping to reduce the amount of single-use-bags from the waste stream every year.  

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Art for the wall 

Steph's best friend Gretchen created this piece of art to memorialize Ian.  A lover of nature, Ian can properly identify most tree's in the Northwest by both their common & Latin name.  Of all of the plants out there, the mere sighting of a white pine cone would bring forth an amount of giddiness abnormal in most grown men.  All profits will benefit the Memorial Fund.  The first round of paintings sold raised over $1,000 for NWAC.

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